"Sacha made me feel like the world's most beautiful gal for my wedding...

I am not someone who wears a lot of makeup or spends a lot of time on hair normally, so I was wary of looking too "done." She was very sensitive to my desire to look and feel natural; the result was perfect-- my hair was both elegant and fun and my make-up looked great in the photos but didn't feel like too much. She was also cool under pressure and really efficient-- I think it was all done in under an hour. She's the best!"" — Claire

"I've always been a bit camera shy and I was feeling reluctant and nervous about the scheduled head shots I needed for my business. I hired Sacha Badame to do my makeup and ...

I couldn't have have been happier with the way I looked!  Not only was it a joy to sit in her chair, by the time it was over I felt like my best self.

I'm still using the tips she gave me for makeup application today, like how to use blush, which I had previously never used. If you want to look effortlessly beautiful, Sacha is your girl!” — Karuna

"Sacha was the absolute best to work with ... She did a long trial with me in my apartment, which was super convenient. I don't wear much makeup, other than a good red lip now and then, so she talked me through each element of my look and took it up or down a few notches to perfect the way I looked and felt on my wedding day. 

She made me and my family and girlfriends comfortable while we were getting ready—she worked fast, did my hair with my two squirming nieces in my lap, and dealt with touchups and photo requirements while staying super relaxed. 

Best of all, I felt incredibly beautiful on my wedding day.

She made me look like the best version of myself, but still very natural, which is exactly what I wanted. I'd recommend Sacha to anyone. She's receptive to ideas and changes, and can pull of any look that inspires you." — Sarah